Club tournaments

Congratulations to our Club Champions

The winners for the 2012-13 season are as follows

Open Singles: Robyn Leggett
B Singles: Jane Miller
Open Pairs: Carol Bannister and Robyn Leggett
B Pairs: Jane Miller and Fran Graham
Open Triples: Robyn Leggett, Virginia Noar and Gail Price
B Triples: Jane Miller, Celia Wedd and Rosemary Nichols
Major-Minor Pairs: Helen Lester and Jean Hemmings

Mixed Pairs: Phillip Hobbs and Pam Knight

Open Singles: Robert McMullen
B Singles: Denis Pegg
Open Pairs: Rod Cooper and Josh Lording
B Pairs: Derek Oseman and Geoff Dannock
Open Triples: Anthony Burne, Rohan Cooper and Robert Bye
B Triples: Bill Mottershead, Trevor Abbott and Terry Bowes
Open Fours: Keghan Booth, Steven Graf, Brad Johns and Ben Dayton
B Fours: Bill Mottershead, David Thomson, Trevor Abbott and Roger Barrett
FitzGerald Singles Handicap: Bruce Price
Novice Singles:
Veteran Singles: Brian Coleman
Major-Minor Pairs: Bruce Price and Bill Mottershead